The Culture Collection By Omar Montilla

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The sky is the limit for Maggie

and the ocean symbolizes her rich culture filled with hope. She is a proud Latin American woman who celebrates her roots every day. Maggie values her background, traditions and family the most.

Maggie dances through life!

She loves all music and styles; cumbia, marimba, samba, guaracha and mariachi. It carries her confident walk as she sings her desires of taking over the world.

Maggie is a bright light

in this world and she believes the sun reflects her life and fuels her positivity. She is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh flowers.

A little about the artist and the artwork designed exclusively for Lulie Larin

Omar Montilla

Omar, a 43 years old geological engineer by profession and artist by passion, currently lives in NYC. He's passionate about colors but above everything his work carries a personal message and tell a story. Maggie came into my life from the hand of a great dreamer and faithful believer of God that made me connect with the Latin essence, heat, flavor as well as the idea that every woman who wants to live her life wanting to take over the world. This is what Maggie represents through this collection; transformation as well as a belonging.

Maggie is an alter ego who came to change color. Maggie reflects in this collection in a different way because the world already is and she reassigns the changes because she never resigns, and there is her Latin essence, she learned that resigning to changes on a daily basis has made her brave, enterprising, creative and creative. Her attitude is her signature and her walk is her unmistakable stamp. Maggie is an eternity of colors but also simplicity in feelings; fleeting, cheerful and optimistic. Each smile is a reflection of a goal achieved and a dream fulfilled.

I CAN'T not exist in her vocabulary but BELIEVE IN ITSELF is her flag, how safe, firm and fighting is her collection.

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